dinsdag 1 oktober 2019


dinsdag 1 oktober 2019

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€ 500 pond exl VAT (100 pond)


London (UK)

Voorafgaand aan de Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit op 2 en 3 oktober in London – Zal Virgina Mason Institute op 1 oktober een dagvullende workshop ‘The role of the executive – visible and commited Lean leadership’ organiseren. Deze workshop is tot stand gekomen op initiatief van Dijklander Ziekenhuis en Lidz. Een groot deel van de deelnemers is daarom Nederlands – de voertaal is Engels.

De workshop staat open voor inschrijving tot ca 24 september. Je kunt je rechtstreeks bij Virginia Mason Institute inschrijven.

The role of the executive – visible and commited Lean leadership
Hosted by our expert executive coaches, leaders will learn about their role in creating a culture of continuous improvement while networking with peers facing similar challenges. Learn about the leader’s role in using a management system and Daily Management to sustain a high-reliability organisation.

When embarking on cultural transformation at your organization, it can be difficult to understand how your role as an executive best supports this crucial work. Join other health care executives in this seminar to learn about the importance of your role as an executive involved in developing a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

This seminar provides participants with an understanding of:
*) The importance of a management system in creating accountability and a high-reliability organisation.
*) How World-Class Management systematically provides focus, direction, alignment, and a method of management for daily work.
*) The executive’s role in the principle elements of daily management and the type of leadership required to drive an effective organisation toward a sustainable future.
*) How daily management builds capability and capacity to change at an individual and organisational level.
*) The importance of creating a culture of reliability and continuous improvement through, leader standard work, respect for people, and engaging team members.

*) Expert instruction on key concepts and facilitation of interactive dialogue
*) Group activities to explore concepts and solutions for your organization

Who Should Attend
Chief executives (including CMO, CNO, COO, CFO, CEO)
Non-executive directors
Divisional directors
Clinical and non-clinical leaders involved in improvement work