Virginia Mason - Developing modern leaders for a new era in healthcare (ONLINE)

27 januari
27 januari 2022
20:00 tot 21:00
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Developing modern leaders for a new era in healthcare: The mindset, skills and capabilities necessary for tomorrow’s leadership.

Today's healthcare leaders face immense challenges that require a modern mindset, skills and capabilities to address growing backlogs, financial pressures, workforce disengagement and turnover. It's time we shift our paradigm on leadership into a new perspective focused on purpose and capability, including improvement skills, effective dyad leadership and behaviors that promote meaningful team engagement.

Learning Objectives:
- Learn how the human and technical dimensions of change serve as a foundation for understanding the role of leadership
- Understand key leadership behaviors and systems that create more effective teams
- Understand how foundational systems like World-Class Management and dyad leadership support effective leadership

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