Catalysis: Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit USA (ONLINE)

23 juni t/m: 24-06-2021
23 juni 2021 - 24 juni 2021
17:00 tot 22:30
Lean activiteit van andere aanbieder
$ 450 (twee dagen online)

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1 juni 2021 | 1 minuut lezen

The re-imagined 2021 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit will focus on how you can become the change you want to see in your organization and the healthcare industry. While the global pandemic presented a myriad of challenges, the lean healthcare community met those obstacles by relying on the principles of organizational excellence and remaining focused on what matters most – patients, staff, and communities. Join fellow lean healthcare practitioners to learn, share, connect, and reflect as we create change together.

Event highlights:

  • Inspiring Keynotes from progressive healthcare leaders within the lean community, designed to challenge conventional thinking.
  • New Ask Me Anything sessions invite dialogue with keynote speakers
  • Engaging Panel Discussion with improvement leaders within the healthcare industry
  • Sharing Session Breakouts provide an inside look at how Catalysis Healthcare Value Network members accelerated change in their organizations
  • Actionable Pre-summit Workshops on focused topics incorporate opportunities to practice during the learning experience
  • Numerous opportunities to connect through our new attendee hub, optional topical roundtable discussions, and other surprises
  • Every registered attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Becoming the Change by John Toussaint, MD, and Kim Barnas

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